Patricia Pinho
Global Tipping Points Conference

12th – 14th September 2022

University of Exeter, Exeter UK

Patricia Pinho

Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM)

Deputy Science Director

I’m interested in understanding the ways people’s lives are affected by the impacts of climate change and how they respond to these challenges through adaptation. I investigate under what ways some people (of color, indigenous, women, children, elderly, and across geographies) are more vulnerable, addressing inequalities in the governance through justice. I also have experience in researching the relationship on ecosystem services, human wellbeing and livelihoods sustainability, with special focus on Amazonia. I’m passionate about the critical role of Amazonia Ecosystem (s) in delivering services for local livelihoods, regional economy, and climate resilience in Brazil, South America, and the world. On governance, I aim to understand what underpins people’s and policymakers’ decisions about ecosystem services, climate changes, and anticipated risks reduction on socio-ecological systems and human wellbeing. I use the lens of the intersectionality of structural poverty and inequalities (economic, gender, ethnics) that marginalize people, hinder adaptation capacity, and increase systemic climate change risks.

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