4.6.3 Governance of PTPs

Just as is the case for Earth system tipping points (ESTPs), there is no global forum, institution or any other initiative yet established to consider the governance of PTPs. Governance, as defined in Section 3, refers to the rules, regulations, norms and institutions that structure and guide collective behaviour and actions. In addition to state actors at various scales down to city and local government, governance also involves non-state actors from the private sector – business, finance and industry – and from civil society organisations and social movements, including those representing campaigns for environmental and social justice, faith groups and Indigenous peoples. There are well-established international institutions that have sustainability goals: for example, the United Nations Development Programme, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Economic Forum, and the C40 Cities network. But none of these specifically address the goals, resources or strategies for operationalising PTPs.

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